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What about us?

QualiPro was established in 2007 to fill the lacuna in the Events planning and Decorations in the Lagos metropolis and indeed the whole of the Country.

The company’s style of Planning and Décor is built around the experience of Ikponmwosa Buraimoh who had the knack for designs right from a tender age.

Her sense of design is simply instinctive.  She later understudied her dad who is a professional graphic designer and an accomplished advertising practitioner.

The company always analyses the brief from clients in order to understand the goals of the project.  Our analysis always form the basis for our design and décor which we carry throughout the project.

Happy Clients

QualiPro is made up of a team of talented professionals offering services in Event Planning and Interior Décor. Each of our professionals has great strength in his area of specialization:

  • Creativity
  • Practicability
  • Executionality

With this 3-prong attack on our client’s Event Planning/Décor problem, the result is always the best that reflects an upward business swing.

Once we understand what our Client wants to do, a design solution is created and upon approval, the execution takes place.

We have our client’s interest at heart as we always tailor our design to match available budgets.

Give QualiPro the chance to use its 3-prong attack to achieve what is best for you in terms of design that will vividly bring out your personality.

That new personality(image) will create more media awareness and profits.


We pride ourselves on the emphasis we place on the brief from our clients as much of our success emanates from them.  The Client ’s brief states what he wants to do but the way of doing this is where our expertise comes out through simplified analysis and interpretations.  An angle of approach becomes obvious.

Once we strike our angle of approach, we’ll then use our experience in design, colour, balance and relevant material source to produce a captivating and memorable job.


To make recommendations to our clients, many factors are considered.  Some of them are stated below:

  • Best solutions to our Client’s problem
  • Best materials that bring the set goals out succinctly
  • Costings that are based on competitive Pricing.
    Timing is very important as we must deliver the job to meet our Client’s time guideline.
    We must make our Client happy by our production and service.

Our Achievements

  • 2014 Best Sales Award
  • 2015 Customer Service Award
  • 2016 Employee-of-the Month Award
  • 2017 Quality Award and Safety Award

Our Strength

Interior Decor 85%
Exterior Decor 70%
Hamper Design 100%
Event Management 95%