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We also do interior and exterior décor in various form. Direct colors on walls, windows/doors, blinds or drapes where they are desired are all dexterously combined to form a harmony of colors that reflect pleasant moods.

Chairs, tables, settees are also our specialty as we have wide choice expertly designed to fit a particular space or central area in the form.

External décor is not left out as we usually complement the interior design with a fitting match in natural or sculptural art.

It must be noted that Interior and Exterior décor are not just a way of splashing colors around but a way to build the personality of our Clients as each room/space can be used to create the desired mood for the overall benefit of the entire office or household.

What do you want your office or sitting-room to reflect at different times of the day? An astute designer such as we have in QualiPro can create clever designs to achieve this.

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  • Weddings and Birthdays
  • QualiPro is renowned for its outstanding style in the design, planning and execution of weddings/birthdays at venues where they are held.

    Consistent in the style of QualiPro design is to reflect some of the celebrant’s characteristics through the clever use of colors and venue decoration. This way, guests do not just sit down eating and winning but are captivated by the lively design and decoration which become a discussion all through and after the event.

    QualiPro also designs and produce memorabilia as part of a package for weddings/birthdays to make the event more resounding.

  • High-net-worth Individuals Home or Office Décor
  • QualiPro has done apartment renovations and redecorations for some high-net-worth individuals who wanted their apartments totally redesigned to create a new look and experience more comfort.

    Depending on the size and location of the apartment, walls, ceiling, and floor are redecorated or remodeled while windows, panels, and drapes are recommended for a retrofit. Sitting and living-room chairs, settees, dining and kitchen cabinets are restyled with select fitting materials.

    Colour harmony, QualiPro style, and good quality materials are always our goals irrespective of whether we are decorating a home or office.

  • Deevics Integrated Services & Investments Limited
  • Deevics Integrated Services & Investments Limited is a Port Harcourt based designers’ wear shop for children. It sells high quality dresses and shoes as well as electronics, computers, laptops, tablets, and phones. A variety of accessories are also available in the shop.

    Deevics needed complete corporate materials from logo, letterheads, business cards, memo pads, indoor and outdoor promotional items to launch the company and products in the Port Harcourt area.

    QualiPro designed the approved logo which was used in all their corporate and communication needs. It was a design that reflected the vision, youthfulness, quality and strength behind the company. The logo design was persuasive and vividly brought out the afore-mentioned qualities in striking colours.

    A large outdoor display sign and indoor promotional poster and gondola stickers gave the shop a fresh look with prospective customers coming there daily to find out about the company and its goods.

    All the corporate materials were also printed and delivered to their office in Port Harcourt by QualiPro.

  • Sterling Bank Plc Nigeria
  • Sterling Bank Plc Nigeria is a universal bank offering a full range of financial products and services to a spectrum of individuals, government and private businesses? It has a network of branches nationwide.

    In the month of December, QualiPro was invited to decorate one of the bank’s offices to reflect the joyous spirit of Christmas and the coming New Year.

    QualiPro designed display materials using their house colors and the motif of sterling to depict their particular banking ethics and friendliness to their numerous customers. It was a highly stylised design which gave the banking hall a new atmosphere throughout the festive season.

    QualiPro was highly praised by customers and the bank’s management. This Christmas decoration earned us some discerning clients at the same time.

  • Zenith Bank Plc
  • Zenith Bank Plc is a highly successful commercial bank with over 500 branch offices in Nigeria as well as offices in other parts of the world.

    Zenith Bank has a culture of reaching out to children on a yearly basis perhaps to further the importance placed on people as a very valuable asset.

    An end-of-year party is arranged for children from various families and schools. The venue is usually well planned and decorated to arouse the fun and interests children look forward to. Music and light refreshments complete these activities with each child presented a useful gift.

    QualiPro handled part of the coordination of this big event, ensuring that the staff area was well coordinated in handing down souvenir and refreshments.

  • Saipem Nigeria
  • Saipem Nigeria is engaged in drilling on/off shore construction and on/off shore engineering and maintenance. It has its headquarters in Victoria Island, Lagos and an operational base in Port Harcourt.

    In its end-of-year presentation to individuals in business and public sectors, it needed to give what would be useful to the recipients and the immediate members of their families.

    After we surveyed those who have direct dealings with them, we made a recommendation based on three broad categories:

    Platinum Group

    Diamond Group

    Gold Group

    Silver Group

    Our assorted gifts aimed at satisfying the categorised groups were sourced locally and beautifully presented in platinum, gold and silver decorations.

    The feedback was total satisfaction by the recipients.